What is a Chimney Fire?
A chimney fire is the combustion (burning) of residue deposits referred to as soot or creosote, on the inner surfaces of chimney tiles, flue liners, stove pipes, etc. Causes[edit] The process begins with the incomplete combustion of fuel in the attached appliance, usually a wood or coal stove, or open fire.
What is Creosote in a Chimney?
When wood is burning rather slowly, the smoke usually contains a substance called creosote that collects in the relatively cool chimney flue. The main causes of creosote buildup are: Wet or unseasoned wood. Incomplete combustion.
Why is it Good Luck to have a Chimney Sweep at a Wedding?
One legend has it that it all started in medieval England when one day the King was saved by a Chimney Sweep, who pushed him out of the way of a runaway horse and carriage. As a reward for his good deed, the King decreed that all Chimney Sweeps should henceforth be regarded as lucky.


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