Efficiency Vermont Wood/Pellet Stove Program

Beginning November 1 Efficiency Vermont will be offering a $650 point of purchase rebate to promote the sale / installation of energy efficient cord wood and pellet stoves.

• New stove must have particulate emissions of 2.0 g/hr or less and an actual measured efficiency of 70% or higher and be on the qualified products list. (we can help with this!)

• Rebate cannot be combined with RERC, Neighborworks, or WWHT funding

• Efficiency Vermont rebate is for replacement of a stove where previous stove was EPA certified, for new stove installations, or for any customers who are replacing a stove they will not be recycling. Please note: stove swap-outs where old stove was not previously EPA certified should go through RERC swap out program. To confirm visit here.

• Stove must be professionally installed (no self-installs). Rebate is only available for end use customers who receive electrical service in the State of Vermont.

2018-2019 RERC Woodstove Change Out program

The incentive is available to customers to gain clean, efficient, EPA-qualified cord wood and pellet stoves that replace old, in-use and non EPA-certified wood stoves.

  • Pellet stoves: $1000 incentive, Cord wood stoves: $800 incentive, A $100 incentive is also available to replace the catalyst in your existing EPA-certified woodstove.
  • Verify that your old stove is not EPA-certified. Any stove prior to 1988 is not certified. For 1988 and newer stoves, check the EPA’s historical certification list to ensure that your old stove was never EPA certified.
  • To be on the RERC Qualifying Products List, a stove must meet all 3 of these criteria: Be on the EPA certification list, have a particulate emissions rating of 2.0 g/hr or less & have an Actual Measured Efficiency rating of 70% or higher (cannot be blank on EPA list)
  • Purchase the new stove and receive your incentive discount from Black Magic Chimney Sweep.
  • We will install the new stove, and recycle your old stove.
  • We will submit the incentive request and get reimbursed by the CEDF.

Why Choose Us?

  • Black Magic Chimney Sweeps offers more CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps than anyone in town. Have your stove inspected and installed by a certified professional to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • We will ensure you recieve the maximum rebate avaiable on qualified stoves.
  • All stoves installs require a Level 2 Inspection. BMCS offers an ADDITIONAL REBATE taking the cost of your inspection off the final cost of your stove.

Does Your Stove Qualify For A Substantial Rebate??

Note: We will contact you within 24 hours!

Multiple Brands Are Available For Rebates

Regency® Pro-Series F5100 Wood Stove

The Extra-Large Pro-Series Wood Stove has been designed with the newest in wood burning technology. Opening the door a full 170 degrees, lets you load up to 90 lbs. of 22" logs (front to back & side to side) at one time and the discreet ashlip will help to keep the floor in front of your new stove clean. You will be able to fit this unit anywhere in your home, using the rear heat deflector (included) to give you the closest clearances in the industry.

Pacific Energy Summit Classic

EPA Certified. All the features of the Summit, in a beautiful, durable porcelain finish in your choice of colors—plus a selection of door, leg and trivet finishes. the Summit Classic is an elegant, customizable package that delivers the ultimate in wood-burning performance for spaces up to 3000 square feet. Easy and safe front to back fuel loading. Heavy plate-steel top under decorative top 304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield