Purchasing a new heating appliance can be an overwhelming task – but it doesn’t have to be. Here at BMCS, we’ve done the work for you and have compiled the best products from the best names in the industry. Whether you’re looking to add a fireplace, stove or insert, you’ll find the best of the best at Black Magic.


Wood heat is one of the cleanest, renewable, and efficient ways to heat your home. They can warm up even the coldest of living spaces all in a modern or classic package. Adding a EPA certified wood burning stove to your home is a cost-effective way to provide heat and create an inviting atmosphere. Purchasing a wood stove for your home is a satisfying upgrade. Starting and maintaining a fire is a relaxing, rewarding activity your family will enjoy for years to come.

Perhaps the best part of a new wood stove is that modern technology has made everything about the home fire, from lighting to extinguishing, significantly easier. Today’s woodstoves are also environmentally sound and safer than ever for the home. The stoves which Black Magic Chimney Sweeps sells are built to meet current environmental and safety requirements. Additionally, they minimize any particles from the firewood emitted into the air.


Black Magic Chimney Sweeps are there to walk you through the entire purchasing process. From buying to installing and maintaining your stove. 


Before installation, it must be verified that the fireplace is structurally sound and safe. Our sweeps are nationally certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). 


We are constantly educating our staff. They are prepared to expertly anwser questions regarding heat output, emissions, efficiency and more.  


We know what we're doing. The EPA strongly recommends that a certified technician install your EPA-certified wood stove or fireplace insert to insure proper performance. 


We take time for you. Keep your equitment working the way it was intended to by scheduling routine maintence. We offer many off-season discounts.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We take an individual approach to each project to satisfy any requirements our clients might have and to comply with all safety regulations. When you're treated well, you remember it - that's why we want to keep our customers warm and happy.

Quality Brands, Great Prices

Black Magic Chimney Sweeps recommends woodstoves based on the Pacific Energy & Kuma's history of excellence and reputation for support of their products. The brands we recommend are those that our staff has come to know and respect as we’ve used their wood stoves in our own homes. We hope to enjoy a lasting relationship with our customers. If you do find an issue with your wood stove, we are prepared to fix it.  

The stoves which Black Magic Chimney Sweeps sells are built to meet current environmental and safety requirements. Additionally, they minimize any particles from the firewood emitted into the air.


For wood-burning comfort with state-of-the-art efficiency, choose Pacific Energy. Their woodstoves, fireplace inserts, and wood-burning fireplaces are clean-burning, economical, easy to use, and warrantied for a lifetime.

For more than 30 years, Pacific Energy Fireplace Products has challenged the technology of the day to offer cleaner, longer-burning stoves and to introduce aesthetic options for gas fireplaces never before seen in the North American Hearth Industry.


Kuma Stoves Has been manufacturing American made Wood Stoves since 1981 and continues to be a family run operation. Kuma Stoves is proud to say that every product we manufacture is made in the USA and we are committed to sourcing our materials from U.S. Suppliers. 

Kuma wood stoves continue to be some of the cleanest burning in the industry, passing the latest 2020 EPA standards. All of their products are laser-cut and handcrafted by each fabricator start to finish - no assembly lines here.