Attention to Detail

Black Magic Vermont licensed Chimney Sweeps serve the local homeowners and condominium owners in Manchester Vermont and the surrounding ski resorts such as Stratton Mountain Ski area, Bromley Mountain, Okemo Mountain, Magic Mountain, Mt. Snow Ski area and Killington with a variety of fireplace repairs and upgrades. Whether you are looking for improved aesthetics or just repairing the damaged parts, our skilled craftsmen can assure you of a solid service.

Our Fireplace services include:

  • Parging smoke chambers
  • Smoke chambers parged or patched – this keeps the flow of combustion gases smooth and efficient
  • Dampers repaired or replaced
  • Stove pipes repaired or replaced
  • Firebox refractory panels or firebrick repaired or replaced
  • Fireplace screens and fireplace doors – from simple to ornate, choose a screen that will show off your personal style
  • Grates installed

Ask about our full complement of masonry and fireplace repairs and services.

  • Nationally Certified
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
  • Constantly Educating our Staff
  • We Know What We’re Doing
  • We Take Time For You


How a Fireplace Insert Can Save You Money and Keep You Warm

Nothing beats sitting in front of a crackling fire with a mug of hot cocoa during a cold winter’s eve. Unfortunately, older fireplaces have efficiency ratings of between 5 and 10%. So, that means most of the benefit of burning the nice seasoned firewood you spent your time stacking and drying out is going straight up the chimney. It’s not doing much to reduce that bone chilling cold.
With new high, efficiency units they are designed to give your home the biggest bang for your money and the environment with efficiency ratings over 60%. When we don’t burn cleanly, the waste components of the combustion process leave our home as smoke and creosote. That’s why we want the cleanest burning fuel and most efficient appliances we can recommend. Less waste polluting the environment and more heat for the least cost to you.
Our office takes calls that ask if we will install a “slammer”. A slammer is the general term for a fireplace insert installed in a cost-effective manner but not vented properly per code or manufacturer’s recommendation. The risk to the occupants is that the combustion gases will not vent out of the building but make their way back into the inhabited space. This can lead to a very bad situation for everyone involved. Another potential concern is that the venting system (chimney flue) would not be properly sized for the unit to operate correctly and your chimney would get more creosote buildup. That could lead to a much higher risk of chimney fires or blockages. Our certified and licensed technicians will be glad to come out and inspect your installation and make recommendations or assist you by installing the unit so you can get the most out of the insert and enjoy your investment